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Packing Advice

Holland America Line cautions against the use of garment bags with hanger hooks protruding from the top. We also suggest that you consider placing articles in clear plastic bags inside your luggage to minimize handling by airport security screeners. Pack shoes on top of other contents in your luggage to expedite the screening process. Finally, make sure that you label the inside of your carry-on and checked luggage with your name and contact information. Bear in mind that the screening process for any point of embarkation is similar to that at an airport. As such, all weapons and dangerous devices are prohibited and may result in denied boarding. For complete, updated information regarding travel, please check the official website of the Transportation Security Administration.

Please Note: Firearms, explosives, fireworks and illegal drugs of any kind are prohibited without exception. Important: Do not pack your passport, medications, cruise documents or airline tickets in your checked luggage. (Remember that checked luggage might not be accessible at all times.) Keep these items close at hand in your purse or jacket pocket. We also strongly suggest that you carry or otherwise keep with you important items such as perishables, cash, credit or debit cards, jewelry, gold, silver or similar valuables, securities, financial instruments, records or other valuable or business documents, laptop computers, cellular telephones, cameras, or other video or electronic equipment, hearing aids, electric wheelchairs, scooters, binoculars, film, videotape, computer disks, audio disks, tapes or CDs. Holland America Line assumes no responsibility for the items listed above. If Holland America Line, due to any cause whatsoever, is liable for loss of, damage to or delay of your property, the amount of Holland America's liability will not exceed US$100 (US$600 for guests who have purchased Cancellation Protection Plan) unless you have specified to Holland America Line in writing the true value of your property and paid to Holland America Line before departure of the cruise or cruisetour, 1% of the value in excess of US$100 or US$600, as applicable. In that event, Holland America's liability will be limited to the amount so specified. Please contact the ship's Front Office immediately upon embarkation for forms and additional details for declaring additional value; you must have your luggage with you when making these arrangements. Holland America's luggage policy is further detailed in the luggage section of your Cruise Contract.

You will find your luggage tags in the top pocket of your documentation wallet. Please refer to the Arrival Advice section of your Travel Documents book for instructions on when to attach them to your luggage. 



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