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Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm is one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved mediaeval city centers, the Swedish capital is superbly positioned, with stunning and extremely varied scenery in every direction. Stockholm offers a wealth of museums, theatres, sights, attractions and events, whether your interest lies in history, art, opera, modern dance, traditional handicraft, contemporary design or virtually anything else.


Port Orientation

There are two possible docking places. The best place to dock is virtually right in town. On congested cruise ship days, some vessels wind up at the city's commercial port, about a 20-minute ride from the heart of Stockholm.



Regardless of docking spot, cruise ships generally offer shuttles to the center of Stockholm. There are taxis available from the port the cost is approximetly $5 - 10. From the commercial terminal plan to pay about $20 each way.


The City is very walkable or there are ferries available.



Stop by a must see, Gamla Stan (The Old Town).  The history here dates back to the 15th century. Of course there is shopping here as well.

You can take a tour of the city.  Either through canal tours or walking tours.

For More Information

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Yarn Shop


A department store throughout the country; carries a variety of yarn from Norway and Sweden. Patterns are all written in Swedish. Straight and round knitting needles. Some embroidery kits available.



Kungsporten 1G

42750 Billdal

+46 (31) 913020


World Wide Web:

Wholesale distributor of yarns and patterns (patterns sold under the Drops name). Yarns available in more than 400 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Web site only in Swedish, but information in English available by email.


Snitt Designs

Ringvä.gen 143

116 61 Stockholm    Phone 46 (8) 644 24 05 email:

Patterns by Peer Gynt and Drops; yarn by Marianne Isager called "Tvinni" and "Tvinni Tweed." They will do mail order to the US and do take credit cards.

Stengards Ull & Bomull (Stengards Wool and Cotton)

310 61 Ätran  46 346 62055


World Wide Web:

Mail order only; can send within Europe or to the US. Web site is in Swedish, but you can send email for a translation into English.



Sveavägen 94

113 50 Stockholm

+46 (8) 673 70 60

This store carries the full range of Rowan yarns. It is a must see for anyone visiting Stockholm, as it is simply gorgeous and very well stocked.


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