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Bilbao, Spain

 Bilbao boasts a rich culinary scene that reflects the Basque love for gastronomy. Visitors can indulge in pintxos, which are similar to tapas, but often more elaborate and creatively presented. The Old Town (Casco Viejo) is a hotspot for pintxo bars, traditional markets, and historic streets that provide a glimpse into the city's past.


The Basque culture is deeply rooted in Bilbao, and this is reflected in the local language, Euskara, which is widely spoken alongside Spanish. The city hosts various festivals and cultural events that celebrate Basque traditions, music, and dance, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the local way of life.


Ship Location

 The main passenger cruise terminal in Bilbao, Spain, is the "Bilbao Cruise Terminal" or "Bilbao Port Terminal." It is located in the Port of Bilbao, specifically in the area known as "Getxo" which is part of the Bilbao metropolitan area. This terminal serves as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for cruise passengers visiting the region.


Getting Around

 Getting around Bilbao is relatively easy thanks to its efficient public transportation system, walkable areas, and various transportation options. Bilbao is a pedestrian-friendly city, especially in the central areas. Many of the top attractions, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance of each other, making it enjoyable to explore on foot. Taxis are readily available throughout the city. They can be hailed on the street or found at taxi stands. It's a more expensive option compared to public transportation but offers convenience and door-to-door service.



 Bilbao offers a wide range of attractions that cater to various interests, from art and architecture enthusiasts to food lovers and history buffs. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: An architectural marvel designed by Frank Gehry, this iconic museum is renowned for its unique titanium-clad structure. Inside, you'll find an impressive collection of contemporary and modern art, as well as rotating exhibitions that showcase a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums. Casco Viejo (Old Town): Explore the charming narrow streets and alleys of the Old Town, where you can discover traditional Basque architecture, historic buildings, and a plethora of pintxo bars. Don't miss the Santiago Cathedral and the Plaza Nueva, a lively square surrounded by cafes and shops. Zubizuri Bridge: Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, this footbridge spans the Nervión River with its modern and innovative design. It's not only functional but also an artwork in itself, offering great views of the surrounding area. Mercado de la Ribera: This expansive market is one of the largest covered markets in Europe. It's a great place to experience local flavors, with stalls selling fresh produce, seafood, meats, and other culinary delights. It's a feast for the senses and a hub of local activity. Iberdrola Tower: Also known as the Torre Isozaki, this skyscraper is one of Bilbao's modern architectural landmarks. It's part of the Abandoibarra development and offers an observation deck with stunning views of the city.