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Ronne (Bornholm), Denmark

Bornholm Island is the easternmost island in Denmark and is 100 miles southeast of Copenhagen just off the Swedish peninsula. Known for its pretty beaches, numerous small fishing villages, hiking trails and bicycle paths, this is a nice port for those looking to beat the crowds so many of the Baltic ports attract. This island is known for its unique round churches built in the 12th century. These stone buildings, with six-foot-thick walls, doubled as fortresses during enemy attacks. This island, in addition to abundant sunshine, pretty beaches and fresh seafood, is also famous for its glass and ceramics.


Ronne is the capital of Bornholm. Old Town is popular for its cobbled streets, picturesque houses and several museums. Ronne is a popular port of call for cruises in the Baltic Sea. As your ship enters Ronne's natural harbor, you will be greeted by the sight of quaint, half-timbered houses and the steeple of St. Nikolai's Church.