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Isafjordur, Iceland

Despite its low population, tiny size and remote lcoation this town has a surprisingly urban atmosphere and has one of the largest fisheries, ready to handle the catch of the day, in all of Iceland. This busy port also runs sizable shipyards and is known for its shrimping as well. Tourists love to come here for outdoor activities and scenery. There are numerous events and festivals here throughout the year as well.

Ship Location

Ships dock right by the town center, so walking should not be a problem to venture into the town.

Getting around

Walking is the best way to get around this tiny town. You can also use public transport or rent a bike. For about $100 an hour taxis offer long and short tours here but are in limited supply so expect to be the first off the ship or contact the tourist office to pre-arrange something in advance.


The most popular activities here include hiking, biking, birding and kayaking. For those who really want to get off the beaten path visit Vigur Bird Island by boat. This is a charming island with thousands of birds. This island is only half an hour from where the ship docks and gives the opportunity to walk in a natural environment that is relatively untouched where thousands of birds such as eider ducks, arctic terns, puffins and black guillemot call home. Here you can also enjoy a light snack with the local family living in a mid-19th century house and you can send a postcard home from the smallest post office in Europe.

Isafjordur has only a few actual attractions including The Westfjords Maritime Museum telling the history of fishing in this area, Isafjordur historic Old Town with its narrow streets, wooden houses and cafes, Jonsgardur Park known for its arch made from whalebone, the Edinborg Cultural Center with its small but renowned art gallery and the "The Old Hospital" which also houses a cultural center including a library, archives and art gallery.