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Qaqortoq, Greenland


Home to South Greenland’s biggest town, it has a pleasant square that is home to Greenland's oldest fountain. Qaqortoq only has a population of 3,400, but welcomes visitors like family. Interesting rock sculptures, cafes, and street markets are throughout the town, along with colorful buildings traditional to Greenland.

Port Orientation

The ship will anchor in the harbor and passengers will be tendered to shore. The cruise terminal is within walking distance to the towns center.


Everything is within walking distance, like most towns in Greenland. Take a 30 minute bus tour around town to gain your bearings.


Check out art chiseled in the rocks by local artists while heading for the towns center which has a the oldest fountain in Greenland. Head over the river to pick up some fresh fish, meat, and vegetables at the local “Board”. There’s also museums and gardens to see, including the towns oldest house, built in 1804. Outside of town, take a hike around Taserquaq or the Great Leak, tour the Hvalsey church ruin, or soak in natural hot springs while watching icebergs drift by.