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Nanortalik, Greenland


This small southern town of Greenland has a warm and welcoming sprit. The steep peaks of nearby Tasermuiut Fjord attract avid rock climbers year round. Other activities in Nanortalik include: kayaking, hiking, sailing, and sightseeing. During the summer(May thru mid July), drifting ice from eastern Greenland stretches to the horizon creating a breathtaking site.

Port Orientation

The ship will be anchored in the harbor and passengers are tendered to shore. A welcoming cruise terminal hosts local artisans and crafts.


There are museums and historical sites in and around town as well as the local “board” where local fishermen and hunters sell the days catch. Since Nanortalik is located on a island, a boat is required to see many of the attractions. Some popular sightseeing attractions include fjords and scenic icebergs. In Nanortalik, the amazing spectacle of the Northern Lights can be seen year round, dancing across the clear dark night sky.