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Skjolden, Norway

Skjolden, Norway





Skjolden is 120 miles deep within the Norwegian fjords, making this idyllic village one of the world's most beautiful ports. Along the coastline are small farms growing Norway's most luscious fruits and berries. After the spring thaw, the surrounding landscapes turn bright green, and the continual melt of the glaciers provides pristine water to the farms below. The surrounding area features high alpine mountain ranges, lakes, and stunning waterfalls, some of the country's highest. Skjolden is located at the foot of Norway's tallest mountain and largest glacier making it a scenically stunning cruise port. 



Ship Location

 Ships dock at the new floatable pier conveniently located 700 meters from the town center.



Getting Around

This town is so tiny you will be quickly oriented to your surroundings. Walking, hiking, or taking an escorted tour are your best options.




The remoteness of this region and stunning scenery make Skjolden unique. Here you can visit the oldest stave church in Norway, Urnes Stave Church. This medieval wooden church dates back to the Viking era. Taking a hike in Jostedalsbreen National Park is famous for its incredible views and impressive glacier. Here visitors can also visit a family farm to learn about llamas, an old Norse breed of rare sheep and berry farming.


Staying in Touch

 Wi-Fi can be found here, but it is usually not free.