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Djupivogur, Iceland


The incomparable natural beauty of Djupivogur, with its mist-covered mountain peaks, gives this remote and sparsely populated village make you feel as if you just time traveled back to the 1900s. Stroll around Djupivogur, visit coffee shops and museums, take a look at local handcraft, and breathe in the spirit of a typical Icelandic fishing village. The scenic beauty of the lagoon of Vatnajokull is truly breathtaking and one of the favorite locations of filmmakers for shooting advertisements and films. Djupivogur port of call also has one of the best bird-watching facilities. Numerous rare species of local and migratory birds are spotted here. The Papey Island safari tour will take you to one of most untouched spots in the world. The Island is very small, but a treasure trove for bird watchers. In the summertime, it becomes the breeding ground of almost 30,000 puffins. Other species include the Black Gulls, Black-legged Kittiwake and the common Eider.


The larger cruise ships dock in the Fjord and passengers are tendered to shore. Once on shore, you can dee Djupivogur by foot.


Visit Langabud, a log house built in 1790, which also houses the local folk museum-or journey to Papey Island, home to thousands of sea birds, including the colorful puffin. Check out the lagoon of Vatnajokull and see a scenic and favorite location for filmmakers. Visit the Bulandsnes on the peninsula near Bulandstindura which is a pyramid-shaped mountain thought to be a source of spiritual energy.