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Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Torshavn is the largest town and the capital of Faroe Islands. This is the land of fresh air, the deep blue ocean, the vertical sea cliffs, green mountains and picturesque valleys. This magical place was first believed to be populated by emigrants escaping the tyranny of 9th century Norway.


Torshavn is ideally placed between Norway and Iceland making it an ideal stop for any cruise itinerary. It is a small capital city with only 17,000 residents but a ton of character and charm. The houses are festively painted and narrow streets are made to minimize the terribly harsh winters and summer is all about being outdoors and celebrating the sunshine. Summer days are long and sunny and here you will have many wonderful experiences. Take a boat journey along the stunning coast, visit the highlands or just hang out in town where you will find an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and bars to satisfy every need. The Faroe Islands turn extraordinarily green during the summertime so join us for a trip that will amaze anyone who enjoys being surrounded by nature.


Cruise ships dock within walking distance of the town, enabling disembarking passengers the possibility to explore Torshavn on foot. The town itself combines the old and the modern, the Old Town dating from the 17th century. Here you have options of exploring on your own, with the group or on a cruise line sponsored tour.


If you have the slightest interest in birds and bird watching, you should not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy bird-watching at its best. Nolsoy, an island close to Torshavn, features the world's largest colony of storm petrel. Part of the reason why bird watching is so good on the Faroe Islands is the unobstructed views: there are few trees on the islands.