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Lerwick, Shetland Islands

Lerwick is the biggest and busiest port on the island of Shetland between Scottland and Norway. With a north and south entrance sheltered from the open ocean make this an accessible and unique port for cruise ships. Lerwicks Here you will be met by locals ready to welcome you with all of the information you will need for your stop here as well as introduce you to the traditional sounds of Sheltland.


With its peat and heather covered landscapes this region is a land of contrasts. Here you can visit Bronze and Iron age ruins and learn all about the long and interesting history of Shetland heritage. Lerwick is a name with roots in Old Norse and its local descendant, Norn, which was spoken in Shetland until the mid-19th century. The name "Lerwick" means bay of clay. The first settlers were from Denmark and came to fish and service the Dutch Fishing fleet. Lewrick became the capital of Shetland Islands and has had a prosperous sea trade and fishing industry.


A short tender will take to the city's dock where you can visit the Shetland Museum or marvel at the harbors entrance. Walk to the city center are take a short shuttle bus were all amenities can be enjoyed.


Take a boat tour around the island to view the breathtaking wildlife, sea side village, and cliffs. The seabirds and seals in this area are awesome. A wide range of shops in town provide browsing opportunities amongst a collection of high quality exclusive gifts including Shetland knitwear, ceramics, jewellery, confectionery and crafts. Visit Mousa, an island which boast the best-preserved Iron Age brooch in Scotland and to Jarlshof, one of the renowned archaeological sites ever discovered in the British Isles. The Shetland Museum will also be of interest to those wanting to learn about most aspects of island life.