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Kiel (Hamburg), Germany


Kiel is Germany's top cruise port and the cruise terminal, Osteekai, has been named one of the most streamlined cruise terminals in northern Europe. Kiel is a university town, has a naval base, and offers unsurpassed beauty with picturesque landscapes with lighthouses, steep cliffs, fishing villages and white beaches.. As the gateway to the beautiful port city of Hamburg, located on the Elbe River, Kiel is one of the most favored places to shop in the Baltic, offering a variety of shops and boutiques. A famous sailing event, the Kiel Week regatta, is held annually and the beaches of the city provide the perfect venue for the event.

A one of a kind railway bridge that is 42 meters high and crosses the Kiel Canal carries both vehicles and passengers. The aerial ferry is attached to the bridge with cables and travels to and from Kiel hovering high over the water. A ferry trip to Laboe will offer an opportunity to visit the Navy Monument which has the appearance of a ship's stern, and offers a glance of German military naval history

Port Orientation

Kiel's Osteekai cruise terminal is located in the city center and offers generous facilities for up to 3,000 passengers. There are spacious parking lots which makes travel to and from the terminal easy.


From the modern facility at Osteekai cruise terminal, taxi and bus transportation is easy to secure.


Kiel offers a wide variety of ways to see the sights including the aerial ferry, a full speed ferry ride to Laboe or a submarine trip. For history buffs, you can spend the day touring St. Michael's baroque church, the St. Pauli District or Alster Lake's gardens and cafes, making sure to sample some of German's finest beers.

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