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Tulasi Zimmer

Tulasi Zimmer

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Tulasi Zimmer is an award winning handspinner, professional artist, and educator whose experience as a fiber artist includes handspinning with a spinning wheel, drop spindles, Navajo spindles, handweaving, Navajo tapestry weaving, needle felting, crocheting, hand knitting and machine knitting.

In 1999, Tulasi created The Joy of Handspinning (, which is an educational / e-commerce website dedicated to the craft of handspinning fiber into yarn. The mission of The Joy of Handspinning is to provide useful information, and to produce instructional materials that will enable anyone to teach him/herself how to handspin yarn.

Tulasi Zimmer regularly teaches handspinning classes in her studio, online, within the community, at fiber events, and is looking forward to teaching and sharing her knowledge onboard her first Craft Cruise.

BIO ~ Tulasi Zimmer

Tulasi Zimmer’s art work has received several national awards, gallery representation in New York City, and belongs to public and private collections. In 1989, she began working as an assistant professor of art at West Virginia State University for 5 years, teaching painting, drawing, art education, art appreciation, design fundamentals, and stained glass.

Tulasi's professional career as an artist and educator spans over 30+ years, with experience as; a portrait artist; illustrator; graphic artist; web developer;  multimedia producer;  computer animator;  stained glass artist;  fiber artist;  arts education administrator;  instructional and curriculum designer;  and workshop instructor;  for major corporations, State government, design studios, higher / adult education programs, and the private sector.

Books ~ Tulasi Zimmer

In 2002, Tulasi Zimmer authored and produced the only instructional multimedia CD-ROM available for handspinning called, “Handspinning Basics and Techniques for Beginners” and the eBook titled “How to Handpaint Fiber and Yarn Safely in Your kitchen with 4 Easy Steps”.

Education ~ Tulasi Zimmer

Tulasi Zimmer holds a Master of Fine Arts degree (M.F.A.) from Miami University of Ohio and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.) from The Ohio State University. Her degree specialization is in painting, drawing, and art history.