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21-Day ~ Antarctica Knitting Cruise (Jan 2014)

Holland America Line

Start Date:


January 29, 2014


End Date:


February 19, 2014

Antarctica Knitting Cruise (Jan 2014) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

21-Day South America + Antarctica Knitting Adventure w/ Myrna Stahman

South America is large producer of wool and other natural fibers so knitting and yarn can be found everywhere. In Buenos Aires, for example, you'll find a yarn district with an over-whelming number of yarn shops in three short. Here knitters will find floor-to -ceiling shelves stocked with everything from natural local yarns to some of the most unusual acrylic specialty yarns you'll ever see. Plan to arrive early to shop in the yarn district as well as in the neighboring leather district, jewelry district and specialty food district. Stay at a boutique hotel in one of the popular barios for which Buenos Aires is so famous. Here you can enjoy people watching, sampling a fresh baked pastry from a local cafe, eating a succulent steak dinner or simply sharing in the excitement of watching a street tango. Come experience the nostalgic nature of Latin America.

Few people get to experience Antarctica, which one of the most exhilarating places on earth. This continent can be summed up in a single word, spectacular. On this trip you'll be visiting both the Patagonian region of South America and Antarctica where you'll some of the most remote and scenically beautiful places on earth. You will be inspired by dramatic seascapes in one of the world's truly last wilderness frontiers known as "The White Continent." Here cruisers are exposed to rugged-natural beauty that blows Alaska out of the water. Sea-life is everywhere and is visible from the ship as well as in the numerous wilderness areas home to some of the largest penguin rookeries in the world. There are just 17 penguin species worldwide with only four living and nesting in Antarctica. where you can get up close and very personal with wildlife and breathtaking mountain peaks that stretch on nearly forever.

South America is the fiber lovers dream destination! Here you'll find not only luxury fiber and color inspiration but you will find sizzling steaks, the finest wines, real cowboys and some of the most sensual dancing in the world. South America is home to yarn companies producing some very gorgeous yarn including Araucania Abuelita, Manos, Malabrigo and Aslan Trends. Yarn is produced throughout South America and producers have found success through their color expertise while using traditional methods for dyeing. Yarn shopping and fiber activities abound on this itinerary but some of the main fiber attractions on this cruise include visiting a Manos cooperative farms outside Montevideo for dyeing demonstrations, touring the dye room at Malabrigo and shopping for yarn at their factory, visit the flagship store for Abuelita and shop for Araucania yarns in Santiago.

Some of the fiber activities being planned include shopping for such popular Uruguayan yarn brands as Manos of Uruguauy at their lovely store in Montevideo, learning why Abuelita Yarns are so soft and all about the hand-dyeing process used to create their fine Uruguayan luxury yarns and if time permits a visit to the store carrying the largest selection of Malabrigo Yarn in Montevideo.

Post-Cruise Peruvian Knitting Extension

Join other knitters and continue your adventure after your cruise by heading straight for Cuzco, Peru, the cultural and textile capital of Peru. This optional trip extension is designed for those who really want to experience the best South America has to offer in a single trip.

Myrna Stahman

Myrna Stahman is an expert lace knitter and designer who enjoys sharing her love of lace knitting by designing shawl and scarves, teaching lace knitting classes and publishing her designs. Her definition of lace knitting is using two sticks and some string to connect a series of holes in a pleasing fashion. Myrna Stahman lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband Bob who loves traveling as much as she loves it.

On this cruise Myrna will be teaching her popular lace program "Adventures in Lace Knitting" where extensive lace techniques will be taught in shorter segments spread out over the course of the cruise. Students will set the pace of the program based on their own personal skill level and ability to learn the new material being covered. Material taught will be based upon the needs, backgrounds and interests of the students. Myrna will be available during 24-formal class hours but will also be available outside of class time for some one-on-one help and lots of social knitting with the group.

2014 South America + Antarctica Knitting Cruise Highlights

  • Shop for yarn in the Buenos Aires yarn district where you'll be overwhelmed with block after block of yarn shops stocked with yarn from floor to ceiling

  • Tour Malabrigo and see where this beautiful yarn is created and shop at factory prices

  • Visit a cooperative and learn how women have banded together to translate their knitting and spinning skills into sustainable incomes

  • Shop at Mundolana in Montevideo for Manos del Uruguay yarn and garments

  • Get up close and personal with a penguin

  • Visit Lanas Chucao in Puerto Montt Chile and learn about dyeing yarn using native plants and weaving using traditional Mapuche methods

  • In Santiago, shop for gorgeous hand-dyed yarns in vibrant colors made by the popular South American yarn company, Araucania

  • Extend your South American fiber adventure to include magical Peru where you can visit knitting villages and Machu Picchu

  • Enjoy some of the best Peruvian cuisine while shopping for yarn at outlets selling Peru's finest yarn