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14-Day ~ Great Alaskan Knitting Cruise (May 2023)

Holland America Line

Start Date:


May 7, 2023


End Date:


May 21, 2023

Great Alaskan Knitting Cruise (May 2023) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

14-Day Great Alaskan Explorer Knitting Cruise w/ Margaret Holzmann
May 7-21, 2023


Holland America Line is the leader in Alaska, and their Explorer cruises are devoted to in-depth experiences not found on other cruises. Taking an Explorer cruise means there will be comprehensive lectures, special cultural performances, and the opportunity to explore parts of Alaska few visitors get to experience. In addition, cruising early in the season enables visitors to experience fewer crowds and an increased chance of seeing eagles and other migratory birds as they head to their nesting grounds for the summer.



This itinerary, sailing roundtrip from Vancouver through spectacular Inside Passage, includes many scenic highlights. From Glacier Bay and many rugged snow-capped peaks to lush rainforests and expansive glaciers. The onboard knitting program, changing biospheres, and the opportunity to learn more about the indigenous people who call this region home combine to make this a perennially favorite.



On this cruise, visit the Musk Ox Farm, where participants will learn about the production of qiviut, and the Oomingmak Co-op, where indigenous knitters create beautiful heirloom lace.



Students will have the opportunity to enhance their knitting skills with classes taught by Margaret Holzmann. Margaret will present a series of courses designed to give students a comprehensive introduction to geometric knitting. The onboard class program will include Geometric Colorwork Basics, Geometric Knitting Exploration, Geometric Curved Knitting, Combining Geometric Knitting with Intarsia, Wearable Geometric Knitting, and Geometric Knitting for the Holidays.



14-Day Great Alaskan Explorer Knitting Cruise Highlights



  • Arrive early to explore Vancouver, shop for yarn, sample fresh seafood, and learn about the dyeing process behind SweetGeorgia's Artisan Hand-Dyed Luxury Yarns.

  • Stroll through Stanley Park, an urban oasis on the harbor in downtown Vancouver known for its stunning water and mountain views, giant trees, and lush rainforest.

  • Experience the old-growth forest by walking through the canopy on the world's longest suspension bridge, Capilano Suspension Bridge, spanning a tree-lined canyon over a raging blue river.

  • Shop for naturally dyed silk yarn, prized by the most skilled weavers and knitters, at Maiwa on Vancouver's famous Granville Island.

  • Kodiak is home to a unique subspecies of grizzly bears called Kodiak bears. Visitors can stand in awe of jagged mountain peaks, dark green spruce forests, and abundant wildlife.

  • Visit the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, where participants will learn about qiviut, see baby musk ox and shop for qiviut.

  • Learn about traditional knitting with qiviut, yarn from Arctic Musk Ox, at the Alaskan native-owned Oomingmak Cooperative in Anchorage.

  • Shop for locally dyed yarns at two popular yarn stores, Wooly Mammoth in Anchorage & Tangled Skein in Eagle River.

  • Go sea kayaking or shop for native arts and crafts in Valdez, nicknamed the "Switzerland of Alaska" for its stunning mountain setting.

  • Spend the day with local experts aboard the ship in Glacier Bay National Park. Park rangers and Huna Tlingit guides provide live commentary and insight into this unique ecosystem and ancient culture.

  • At Aurora Yarns of Alaska in Skagway, shop for locally-dyed yarn, a fine selection of qiviut, blends of arctic fox, and arctic hare produced by Inuits from Nunavut village, and a variety of Alaskan hand-knit garments.

  • In Sitka, learn about the Russian colonial period and see Tlingit and Haida totems at Sitka National Historical Park.

  • Visit Saxman Totem Park in Ketchikan, where you will see the most significant number of totems in one place.

  • Shop for beautiful hand-dyed yarn, patterns, and kits at Fabulous Fiber Arts on famous Creek Street in Ketchikan.