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7-Day ~ Flavors of Burgundy Knitting Cruise (May 2026)

Ama Waterways

Start Date:


May 14, 2026


End Date:


May 21, 2026

Flavors of Burgundy Knitting Cruise (May 2026) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

7-Day Flavors of Burgundy Knitting Cruise
May 14-21, 2026


A Burgundy river cruise on AmaWaterway's AmaCello offers a unique and enriching way to experience the country's rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes. River cruising allow you to glide through some of the most picturesque landscapes in France. You'll enjoy panoramic views of rolling vineyards, historic towns, medieval castles, and scenic countryside, all from the comfort of your cruise ship.



French cuisine is world-renowned, and river cruises are designed to make the most of it. You'll have the chance to savor the diverse flavors of French cuisine, from freshly baked croissants to exquisite cheese and wine pairings. River cruising provides a hassle-free way to travel, with the ship taking you to various destinations along the way, ensuring a comfortable journey without the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads or public transport.



AmaWaterways includes exclusive excursions and activities, such as private tours of vineyards, cooking classes with local chefs, or guided visits to lesser-known attractions. These experiences provide deeper insights and unique memories. The leisurely pace allows you to fully appreciate each port with ample time to explore, relax, and soak in the atmosphere without the rushing.



Onboard, embark on a unique journey of creativity and camaraderie with our knitalong project incorporating the Fleur-de-Lis stitch knitting pattern. This timeless French motif will allow participants to return home with a memorable trip souvenir. As the French countryside unfolds along the way, we invite you to pack up your needles and join us for a truly unforgettable experience.



Extend your stay before and after the cruise in Paris and Geneva. Take in the sights in the dazzling "City of Lights" and end your adventure with the stunning backdrop of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Swiss Alps. Just imagine eating fondue while taking in springtime's vibrant flowers and lush greenery in the mountains.



7-Day Flavors of Burgundy Knitting Cruise Highlights



  • Arrive early and shop for yarn in Paris at such popular shops as Lil Weasel, Les Tricoteurs Volants, Une Maille à l'endroit, or La Droguerie before heading to a world-class museum or a local café for a café au lait, toasted baguette, or croissant.

  • Visit Montmartre in the evening, long known as the city's premier artist's enclave, on an evening illumination tour. Discover why Paris is renowned as the "City of Light."

  • See the awe-inspiring Arc de Triomphe and the iconic Eiffel Tower.

  • Explore Dijon, famously known as the "Birthplace of Mustard," on a guided tour of its medieval center.

  • You can shop for yarn in Dijon at Dmin B'Lucky, Mercerie Aux fils de mes envies-Bergère de France, or Mercerie Mimosa, among other places.

  • Visit the town of Beaune, a walled town nestled in the heart of Cote d'Or vineyards, where you'll stroll the cobblestone streets and take in such sights as the mosaic-tiled roof of the Hospices de Beaune, founded in the 15th century.

  • Learn about winemaking at an interactive workshop that guides you through traditional methods of crafting barrels. Alternatively, join a guided tour through Seurre, unraveling its rich tapestry of heritage and charm.

  • Enjoy a scenic sailing by the picturesque city of Chalon-Sur-Saône and sample the highly esteemed vintages from the Côtes de Nuits region on a guided wine tasting, surrounded by the oaken casks and intricately tiled roofs that bring this sommelier's fantasy to life.

  • Join a guided tour through the "South Burgundy City" of Mâcon, learning about its local vineyards, museums, historical sites, and perhaps its famous son, the poet and minister Alphonse de Lamartine.

  • Venture off the beaten path to Cluny, known for its large abbey, and the nearby castle Berze-le-Chatel, a well-preserved fortress perched on a rocky hill offering stunning views below.

  • Discover dynamic Lyon, starting with tasting Beaujolais wines at a traditional winery.

  • Join a tour of Lyon that starts in Fourvière Hill, part of the city's historic region, now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Take a guided walking tour in the old town of Lyon through the St. Jean district, where you will see the city's unique covered walkways.

  • You can shop for yarn in Lyon at Happy Wool, Mercerie Atelier de la Création, or La Droguerie, among other places.

  • In Lyon, if you're a foodie, visit Les Halles Market for a tasting tour.

  • Extend your stay in Geneva, Switzerland, with a stop in Annecy, home to beautiful castles, including the Château d'Annecy, home to the Counts of Geneva, and natural green spaces along the way before checking into your hotel in Switzerland.

  • Get acquainted with Geneva, the "Peace City" and gateway to the Swiss Alps, on a guided walking tour. On this tour, you will catch a glimpse into the Swiss traditions of watchmaking and chocolate making.

  • Venture to Montreux and visit Chillon Castle, a picture-perfect medieval island fortress with three formal great halls, a chapel, and beautifully arched underground rooms that once served as a prison.

  • Participate in the Knitalong cruise project and take home a memorable souvenir of your trip.

  • Shop for souvenir yarn along the way.