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12-Day ~ Baltic Knitting Cruise (August 2014)

Holland America Line

Start Date:


August 15, 2014


End Date:


August 27, 2014

Baltic Knitting Cruise (August 2014) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

12-Day Baltic Knitting Cruise with Galina Khmeleva and Donna Druchunas

Join Craft Cruises on our most popular knitting cruise itinerary where knitters find pure knitting bliss around every corner in this region steeped in knitting tradition. Northern Europe is home to many leading-edge designers and has some of the most notable yarn stores in Europe. Our onboard knitting instructors will be Galina Khmeleva and Donna Druchunas, both of whom are very passionate and knowledgeable about the knitting techniques and history of this region and will bring much enjoyment to the participants on this cruise. Cruising this region with Galina is particularly special since she grew up in post-WWII Leningrad and has gained much respect as one of the world's leading experts and historians on Orenburg knitted lace.

The onboard knitting program will be enriching and educational focusing on color-work, lace and ethnic patterns from this region. Galina will also give insight into the culture of the Russian people and intends to share her knowledge on Russian culture and cooking. Come along on this knitting cruise and be dazzled by Galina and Donna's wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and passion.

All of the countries visited are all well known for having rich knitting traditions. Estonia, in particular, is often a favorite destination and is well known for its Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union, Eesti kasitoo. For years, Craft Cruises has been bringing groups of knitters on knitting cruises to Estonia to visit the shops of this non-profit organization. The Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union brings together organizations and individual craftsmen and craftswomen in an effort to preserve and develop traditional Estonian hand crafts to not only keep this part of their culture alive but also to serve as a source of income and subsistence for Estonian craftspeople throughout the country.

2014 Baltic Knitting Cruise Highlights

  • In Copenhagen visit Sommerfuglen, the largest yarn store in Denmark and enjoy a trunk show with Bente Geil

  • Take a historical walking tour of Copenhagen and have lunch at Cafe G, a popular hangout for local knitters

  • Shop for kits by popular Danish designers such as Marianne Isager & Hanne Falkenberg at prices well below those in the US

  • Take the train into Berlin or stay in the quaint port town of Warnemunde where you can walk on the beach, eat fish and chips with a pint of beer or take the train to Rostock to shop for yarn at at Prunkist

  • Explore the treasures of St. Petersburg including the Hermitage, Church on Spilled Blood, Pushkin Palace, and Catherine's Palace among others

  • In Helsinki visit Menita, the largest yarn store in Finland

  • Shop for 100% Finnsheep Wool, dyed naturally with plants and mushrooms from Leena Riihivilla's open air stand at the waterfront market

  • In Estonia experience the coolest "Old Town" in modern Europe, Tallinn, which has retained its medieval character and is home to some of the best design studios and art galleries in Europe

  • Shop for locally produced lace shawls and a wide range of knit-wear at the Estonian handwork union craft guild stores
  • Spend two days in Stockholm giving plenty of time for sightseeing and shopping for Swedish yarn
  • Enjoy a Swedish summer smorgasbord with locally sourced ingredients