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11-Day ~ Ancient Empires Knitting Cruise (Apr 2019)

Holland America Line

Start Date:


April 29, 2019


End Date:


May 10, 2019

Ancient Empires Knitting Cruise (Apr 2019) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

11-Day Ancient Empires Knitting Cruise Knitting Cruise w/ Deborah Newton - April 29-May 10, 2019


If you are interested in adding to your repertoire of knitting skills and you are a fan of art and antiquities, this cruise to ports in Italy, Greece, and Albania will be right up your alley. Rome, Athens, Naples, Olympia and Santorini have their own unique flavor with ancient history, azure seas, stunning architecture and delicious cuisine. All of the places visited on this cruise boast fresh seafood, delicious farm-fresh delicacies, interesting markets, vibrant street scenes, major architectural ruins, ancient history and world-famous art.



Arrive in Rome early to explore the many iconic landmarks found in what many travelers consider the most famous city in the world. The fine art of Italian color and textile has been refined over the centuries delighting all who visit. With its vast cultural and artistic heritage, small-town charm, exquisite cuisine and the religious significance of Vatican City, there are many reasons to allow as much time in Rome as possible.



Springtime, when everything is blooming and the temperatures are mild, is the best time to visit the Mediterranean. Join other Craft Cruisers and be pampered onboard while making new friends and improving your knitting skills.



Deborah Newton is offering a collection of knitting morsels that will fit well with the cruise itinerary. Each class will offer techniques and information to make your knitting more enjoyable and empowering. Classes onboard will include knitted colorwork the world over - with a focus on Anatolian knitting of the eastern Mediterranean and offering special examples of knitting from Anatolia and the Greek Isles. In addition to colorwork, Deborah Newton will include her Top Ten Tips for Perfect Finishing, tricks for making successful button-up sweaters, going beyond swatches for gauge, lace specialities for beginners and experts alike, and learn how to work smooth slipped stitch patterns and how to combine colors for different effects using slipped stitches.



11-Day Ancient Empires Knitting Cruise Knitting Cruise w/ Deborah Newton - Highlights


  • Visit Rome, the Eternal City, with its many historic sights, world-class art and culinary delights

  • Explore Sarande, a jewel of the Albanian Riviera wedged between the stunning blue Ionian Sea and dramatic olive-covered hills of the surrounding countryside where the locals are believed to be descendants of the ancient Greek hero Achilles

  • From Katakolon visit Olympia, the most important ancient archaeological site in Greece where the Olympic Games began

  • Watch the sunset overlooking the Acropolis and the Parthenon from a tranquil rooftop garden while sampling the best culinary delights of the region

  • Shop for gorgeous luxury yarn at Sakalak in Athens, the oldest family run yarn shop in the Mediterranean operating since 1935

  • Get off the beaten track in Mykonos by exploring the hidden corners by Jeep or horseback

  • Discover the secrets of Mykonos' cuisine on a tour that includes a cooking class at a traditional farm using fresh, seasonal ingredients

  • Walk the medieval Street of the Knights in Rhodes and tour the castle-like Palace of the Grand Masters

  • Cruise past wonderful and strange coastal formations hewn from black volcanic rock as you cruise to Santorini

  • Spend the day discovering Santorini's ancient history, local culture and famous views with its pastel-hued dwellings and turquoise waters stretching as far as the eye can see

  • Take a romantic stroll in Naples, Southern Italy's open-air museum with its beautiful statues and monuments set along the seaside

  • From Naples, tour the ancient city of Pompeii that had about 20,000 inhabitants in 79 AD, when it was completely covered in 30 feet of volcanic ash by the deadly eruption of Mount Vesuvius