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7-Day ~ Bermuda Craft Cruises for Kids (July 2011)

Holland America Line

Start Date:


July 17, 2011


End Date:


July 24, 2011

Bermuda Craft Cruises for Kids (July 2011) ~ Craft Cruises for Kids Description

Regardless of your child's age or ability, Craft Cruises for Kids will introduce kids to the joys of handwork. Kid cruisers will spend their time moving between creative activities such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery, hand and machine sewing and crafts.

The Handwork Studio, a kids needle arts and fashion studio is proud to bring their award winning program to Craft Cruises. With over 9 years experience in developing programs that kids love, The Handwork Studio knows what kids want. On this cruise we will be bringing the best of our projects for the kids to enjoy. Projects will include fashion accessories, room decor, toys, stuffed animals, clothing and crafts.

Every workshop will be focused on a fun summer time based theme. Each activity will use various skills so your kids will be exposed to a multitude of fun activities, regardless of their experience. Each project will be broken down into stations so that the children will spend their time moving between activities, making the day move quickly and keeping their attention.

While the kids are having a great time, they will be developing skills without even knowing it. Handwork helps kids with their math skills. Addition, subtraction and fractions are a big part of knitting and machine sewing. Kids will work on their fine motor skills while learning to thread needles, sew stitches, knit and crochet. What goes better with crafting than sitting and chatting with your new friends? Kids can join in on the conversation when they are comfortable, or listen quietly while they work. The Handwork Studio works to integrate all kids into the conversation and make sure that all topics are appropriate for every age. Lastly, each project takes time and patience to complete. We work with the kids to slow them down and have them concentrate on the task at hand, work thoughtfully and walk them through the process without getting frustrated.

When the cruise is over, your children can continue to learn about needle arts through a web-based needle arts community at This online kids social networking site will remind them of the skills they learned onboard the cruise. Through online tutorials and projects, the kids can reinforce their learning and give them lots of project ideas to make as well as play games, shop and talk with kids with a similar interest. The learning never ends!