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Needlepoint Cruises

What to expect on a Needlepoint Cruise

Craft Cruises has decided to launch a series of Needlepoint Cruises designed to combine the fun of cruising with the opportunity to improve your needlepoint skills in a relaxed, stress-free environment without the interruptions of everyday life. Unwind and experience the world through the delightful escape of travel.

Needlepoint allows us to express creativity while promoting better health through stress reduction and relaxation. By combining the two you get the benefits of both while learning and spending time with other stitchers. Come join us and you can leave your worries in our wake while you unleash your creativity.

Unlike other Needlepoint retreats, with our Needlepoint Cruises you are pampered onboard a beautiful cruise ship. While you are cruising from one amazing port to the next you will have the opportunity to take classes with some of the most sought after needlepoint instructors in the needlepoint world.

Our Needlepoint Cruises will not only give you time to unwind, meet new people and experience new cultures but also provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself, express your creativity and learn new skills without having to worry about anything except having a good time. So grab your needles and lets have a blast!

Cruising with family, friends and loved ones

Cruising offers something for everyone. On our Needlepoint Cruises, the needlepoint group makes up a small percentage of the passengers onboard so while you are attending class, your traveling companions are enjoying hundreds of other onboard activities. Activities range from reading by the pool to culinary arts, art auctions, massages or fitness exercises to mention but a few. We offer inspiration to everyone who travels with us and believe happiness is not a destination but a way of life.

Take some time for yourself. Come join us on a Needlepoint Cruise and discover the joy and freedom our needlepoint trips bring.

Needlepoint Cruise Classes

Our Needlepoint Cruise class programs are designed to offer an array of topics and skill levels. Depending on the length of the Needlepoint Cruise and the number of sea days on the itinerary a variety of needlepoint classes are included in the cost of your needlepoint cruise. We recognize people take needlepoint cruises for different reasons so you can take a single class, a full schedule, or anything in between.

Needlepoint Cruise Exclusive Parties

An ice breaking event designed to introduce your professional escort, the instructors and the participants. Held the first night of the needlepoint cruise prior to dinner, this fully hosted event is something you don't want to miss.

Needlepoint Cruise Mixers

Every evening the group gathers after dinner to get to know each other, to see what everyone is stitching and to show and tell treasures found in port. These informal gatherings give us time to mingle and share what we are learning in class.

Needlepoint Cruise Port lectures

Both the ship's port lecturer and the needlepoint instructors discus the ports you will be visiting. Lists of local needlepoint stores and other places of interest will be provided whenever possible.