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Knitting Land Tours

What to expect on a Knitting Trip

Like our knitting cruises our knitting land tours combine two favorite past times: traveling and knitting. Traveling is one life's of greatest escapes because it gives us time to unwind and experience the world.

Knitting allows us to express creativity while promoting better health through stress reduction and relaxation. Come join us on one of our knitting trips and meet others who share your passion while experiencing the world.

Our inspiring knitting trips allow you to improve your skills while visiting some of the most interesting places in the world. Each day you will experience something new.

Unlike most knitting retreats, with our knitting trips you are traveling to interesting places, shopping for souvenir yarn and meeting fiber artists all over the world. While you are traveling you also have the opportunity to take classes with some of the most sought after knitting instructors in the knitting world.

Our knitting trips, like our cruises provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself and meet like-minded people without having to worry about anything except having a good time.

Traveling with family, friends and loved ones

Our knitting trips are not just for singles because our land based tours, like our cruises, are designed to offer something for everyone. While you are attending class, traveling companions can enjoy a little time on their own exploring the destination being visited. Classes are offered either before the start of the tour in the city and then while you are traveling you can work on your projects allowing plenty of time to socialize and sightsee.

So pack your bags and grab your needles and have a blast on one of our knitting trips!


Knitting Trip Classes

Our knitting programs are designed to offer an array of topics and skill levels. Most of our land trips, depending on the itinerary and opportunity to have formal classes focus on project oriented learning. These classes are similar to knit-a-longs but with expert instructors to give one-on-one instruction. We recognize there are knitters at all levels so you can take a single class, a full schedule, or anything in between. Traveling with a fun group of people is rewarding even if you don't want to take any classes at all.

Knitting Trip Exclusive Events

Meeting local fiber producers, knitters and designers is just as important to most of our participants as sightseeing and shopping. Craft Cruises seeks to create a balance between seeing the tourist sights in any given destination as well as meeting people who share the love of the craft of knitting.

Knitting Trip Mixers

On all of our knitting trips every effort is made to bring people together to have fun. There will be social knitting gatherings, meals and private events to promote camaraderie amongst our participants every step of the way. The shared travel experience is extremely rewarding so this is one of Craft Cruises primary goals with all our trips.


Knitting Trip Destination Information

The knitting trips we design are orchestrated by some of the leading tour companies in the world. So not only will you experience the best guides in the industry but pre-trip information will be provided including not only the best sightseeing options but also a yarn shopping list of the best sources for fiber along the way.