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What to expect on a Crocheting cruise

We are testing the waters with crocheting cruises to see if crocheters are as enthusiastic as knitters when it comes to travel, crocheting and the shared travel experience. If you have never gone to a crocheting retreat or taken a crocheting cruise we encourage you to join us to learn for yourself how wonderful cruising with a purpose can be.

A crocheting cruise will not only give you time to unwind but will allow you to meet new people and experience new cultures. Plus you will be able to expand your crocheting skills, express your creativity and reduce stress while relaxing on a beautiful cruise ship.

Cruising with family, friends and loved ones

Cruising truly has something to offer everyone and is ideal for families and friends who want to travel together. On our crocheting cruises crocheters makes up only a small percentage of the passengers onboard. While you are taking crocheting classes those traveling with you can enjoy a plethora of other entertaining activities.

There are excellent children's programs as well as fun activities for everyone. Holland America Line also offers quite a range of enrichment programs that range from culinary classes and wine tasting to computer lessons and yoga. And of course there is plenty of time for relaxation, bathing in the sun and catching up on the latest novels.

Crocheting Cruise Classes

Our crocheting cruise classes are designed to offer an array of topics and skill levels. Depending on the length of the cruise and the number of sea days on the itinerary a variety of crocheting classes are included in the cost of your cruise.

We recognize people take crocheting cruises for different reasons so you can take a single class, a full schedule, or anything in between.

Crocheting Cruise Exclusive Parties

Each crocheting cruise kicks off with an exclusive welcome cocktail party designed to introduce the crocheting instructors and participants. Held the first night of the cruise prior to dinner, this fully hosted event is something you don't want to miss.

Crocheting Cruise Mixers

Every evening the group gathers after dinner to get to know each other, to see what everyone is crocheting and to show and tell treasures found in port. These informal gatherings give us time to mingle and share what we are learning in class.

Crocheting Cruise Port lectures

Holland America Line has distinguished port lecturers onboard who provide information about the ports you will be visiting. The crocheting instructors lecture on ports whenever they posses first hand knowledge to assist in your enjoyment of that port from a crafter's point of view. Lists of local yarn stores and other places of interest will be provided whenever possible.