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Craft Cruises for Kids

What to Expect on a Craft Cruise for Kids™

Craft Cruises for Kids™ is all about giving kids and teens (ages 5-15) the opportunity to learn new things and make friends while being creative and having fun. Craft Cruises for Kids™ introduces kids to the joys of handwork without any previous experience. Kids will spend their time moving between creative age appropriate activities such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery, machine sewing and crafts.

Hand crafts allow kids and teens to express creativity while promoting better health through stress reduction and relaxation. Engaging our children in activities other than watching television or playing video games will have a lifetime impact. Kids will not only learn new skills but they will also broaden their minds culturally through interaction with an international ship crew while visiting some of the most interesting ports in the world. Each day they will experience something new and exciting.

Unlike onboard programs offered by cruise lines, Craft Cruises for Kids™ focuses on giving kids practical applications for math skills at an age when it matters the most - while they are still in school. Plus, Craft Cruises for Kids™ introduces teens to the wonderful world of fashion and design by exposing them to top designers in the fashion world.

Craft Cruises for Kids™ provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere where kids can be themselves without having to worry about anything except having a good time.

Cruising with Kids

Craft Cruises for Kids™ is not just about bringing your children on a cruise. It is about traveling with the kids you love and giving them the gift of learning something that can impact their lives in a very positive manner.

Just about everyone finds enjoyment in hand crafts and since Craft Cruises was founded we've had crafters join us ranging in age from from 13 to age 98. Multi-generations of people are traveling together and nothing is more rewarding than sharing the love of a craft in a fun environment.

Craft Programs for Kids

Craft Cruises has enlisted the expertise of the Handwork Studio LLC as well as a few leading math experts to create fun and enriching programs. Each class is project based and will center around a fun filled theme sure to delight kids of all ages. The pride the child you bring will feel will be remembered for a lifetime. Not only will they have a wonderful time but they will be working on math and fine motor skills, social development and patience by sticking with a long term project....and they’ll never know it!

Exclusive Events for Kids

In addition to our inspiring onboard craft programs, Craft Cruises for Kids™ will host everything from Slammin' Jammin' Pajama Parties and Sunset Knitting Circles to Splashin' Pool Games and Treasure Hunts. Our onboard events, even the parties and games, will be designed to employ fine motor skills, measuring, math, eye and hand coordination as well as social skills, and learning about new cultures.

Something for Everyone

If you are worried about Craft Cruises for Kids™ being right for your kid be assured it will be because much development goes into each program . Craft Cruises for Kids™ offers age-appropriate activities for ages 5 to 99. Because we offer adult craft classes onboard all of our cruises teenagers requiring more advanced classes will have the option of joining our regular adult Craft Cruise program.

And, if you question whether or not your teen will think taking an educational trip isn't hip think again. Cruising is a totally cool experience that brings out the "kid" in everyone. Even the most seasoned adult cruisers admit feelings of excitement on the day of embarkation. There is something magical about cruising because it is a true escape from the everyday that brings out the best in everyone.

We encourage you to bring the entire family along since apart from our program there is a wide variety of other shipboard activities from which to choose including simple relaxation or catching up on the latest bet seller next to the pool. Onboard our cruises there truly is something for everyone.

Don't Have Kids?

Then bring a godchild, niece, nephew, grandchild, neighbor, foster child or anyone you feel might benefit from this type of experience. Spending quality time together in an enriching environment will positively impact both your lives.