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Oslo, Norway


Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a somewhat rural city, but very welcoming. With 175 square miles within its city limits and 460,000 residents, Oslo is the least densely inhabited capital city in Europe. Located at the beginning of the Oslo Fjord on the Aker River, the entrance and exit from Oslo on the ship affords beautiful views and glimpses of the small fishing villages in the region.

Oslo was founded in the 11th century by a Viking king and later was designated the capital of Norway. Many times over the centuries, Oslo has burned to the ground only to be rebuilt on a much more impressive scale. After the 1824 fire that completely destroyed the city, the King of Denmark rebuilt and renamed the city Christiania. One hundred years later, the city reverted back to Oslo. It now boasts modern architecture, world-class museums, ample parks and an abundance of community statutes.

Oslo has an ample supply of uninhabitable regions with rugged mountains and glaciers and heavily forested areas. In addition, there are 340 lakes in Oslo which affords many opportunities for water lovers. The days in the summer have sun for over 20 hours which allows visitors plenty of time to take in the picturesque scenery and enjoy the diverse territory.

Port Orientation

With only a few cruise ship docks, you will not be any further than a 20 minute walk to City Hall. You'll be able to find a cup of coffee and a few shops close to the terminal, but not much else.


There are a limited number of cabs at the pier if you are planning an excursion to the Museum or Ski Jump. Otherwise, it is just as easy to get to many places on foot. The bus/tram/subway system is easy to find if you prefer that mode of transportation.


On the "not to miss" list is the Nobel Prize Peace Center which is located on the waterfront near Oslo City Hall. Named for famous scientist Alfred Nobel, who was native to Sweden, the Nobel Prize ceremonies are held yearly at the City Hall, which also displays a series of murals sure to impress. After becoming one of the richest men in Europe, he gave his fortune to a fund.

For a peek of the Royal Palace (which is closed to the public), enjoy the waterfront area which hosts outdoor cafes, street musicians, as well as other performers. In the Medieval Quarter, which is close to the ship piers, you can tour the Akershus Castle which dates back to the 17th century or the Resistance Museum. State and royal functions are still held at the Akershus Castle.

Other museums in Oslo worth seeing are the Kon Tiki Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Fram Museum, Norwegian Folk Museum and the Munch Museum. Vigeland Sculpture Park is an outdoor sculpture garden depicting life-sized and larger-than-life statutes depicting the life cycle from birth to death.

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