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Our programs are hand-crafted to create experiences that are impossible to duplicate when traveling alone. No matter which trip you choose, you'll be exposed to new cultures, given unique opportunities to meet the locals and form new friendships that will last a lifetime. You'll learn about history, art, flora, fauna, food, and nature in ways that would be impossible on your own.

Select from one of our pre-designed trips outlined below. If you don't see the trip you have in mind please send us a message with your destination and instructor wish list and we'll use your feedback to develop new trips. Most of our trips are repeated every year, every other year or sometimes every 3-5 years.

Gems of Southeast Europe Knitting Cruise (Apr 2022)

Gems of Southeast Europe Knitting Cruise
April 18-25, 2022


Take a springtime cruise with Craft Cruises visiting parts of Europe rich in traditions and picturesque landscapes. Rural destinations along the Danube are rich in history dating back to the Roman and Ottoman Empires. Here you will enjoy a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere combined with old-world charm. There is just enough urban sophistication combined with untouched landscapes to please most travelers. Join us on our next adventure. Come along and have some fun.


Canada New England Knitting Cruise (May 2022)

9-Day Canada New England Knitting Cruise with Tanis Gray - May 12 - May 21, 2022


Cruise New England and Atlantic Canada with knitting expert and instructor Tanis Gray in May 2022. Sail from Ft. Lauderdale to Montreal on Holland America's Zaandam. Along the way, stop in scenic and historically-significant ports. Shop for hand-dyed yarn, dine on succulent seafood, and make new knitting friends, all while being pampered and having fun.


Musk Ox and Glaciers Alaska Knitting Cruise (May 2022)

7-Day Musk Ox and Glaciers Alaska Knitting Cruise with Galina Khmeleva - May 22-29, 2022


Join Russian lace expert, Galina Khmeleva, on our most popular Alaska knitting cruise itinerary, Musk Ox & Glaciers. This cruise aboard Holland America's ms Nieuw Amsterdam cruises through some of Alaska's most stunning scenic areas, including the Inside Passage and Glacier Bay National Park. Take just the 7-night knitting cruise or add our exclusive 4-night Musk Ox tour for an ultimate 11-night Alaska knitting adventure.


Polar Ice Caps Knitting Cruise (June 2022)

21-Day Polar Ice Cap Knitting Cruise with Beth Brown-Reinsel - June 12 - July 3, 2022


Join other knitters on a cruise to the Arctic Circle and the Land of the Midnight Sun. Set sail from Rotterdam roundtrip with knitting expert Beth Brown-Reinsel and bring your knitting needles. This exciting itinerary on Holland America's Volendam includes Norway, Svalbard, Iceland, and Scotland. Enjoy long days, pleasant temperatures, and unparalleled natural beauty.


Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and New England (Aug 2022)

24-Day Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and New England with Kristin Drysdale
August 3-27, 2022


Join Kristin Drysdale on a spectacular 24-day journey visiting Canada, Greenland, and New England. This cruise visits southern Greenland and several very off-the-beaten-path ports. Sailing round-trip from Boston aboard the beautiful Nieuw Statendam with knitting expert Kristin Drysdale. This late-summer cruise allows participants to enjoy sunny days, cool nights, and the far north's exceptional natural beauty.


British Isles Knitting Cruise (Aug 2022)

14-day British Isles Knitting Cruise with Lucy Neatby - August 14-28, 2022

Immerse yourself in the British culture on this cruise that visits many off-the-beaten-path ports. Set sail from Rotterdam on a British Isles adventure with knitting expert Lucy Neatby from August 14-28, 2022, onboard Holland America's Volendam. Bring your knitting needles and join us for an exciting adventure to ports in England, Ireland, and Scotland, including stops in Guernsey, Isle of Sky, and Orkney.

Northern Isles Knitting Cruise (Aug 2022)

Northern Isles Knitting Cruise Aug 28 -Sep 11, 2022 with JC Briar


This Northern Isles knitting cruise features knitting expert JC Briar onboard Holland America's newest ship, ms Rotterdam. Departing from Amsterdam, this cruise visits multiple ports in Norway, Iceland, and Scotland. Knitters love this itinerary because this region is rich in knitting history, traditional knitting techniques, and yarn production.


European Explorer Knitting Cruise (Aug 2022)

13-day European Explorer Knitting Cruise w/ André de Castro
Aug 28-Sep 10, 2022

Enjoy the magic of Europe in late summer on this 13-day repositioning sea and river cruise itinerary that includes ports in France, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, and Italy. Set sail August 28-September 10, 2022, from Rotterdam to Rome on Holland America's beautiful Volendam. Join Portuguese knitting expert André de Castro and other knitting enthusiasts on an itinerary that will make you fall in love with Europe for the first time or all over again.

Baltic Knitting Cruise (Oct 2022)

13-Day Jewels of the Baltic Knitting Cruise with Galina Khmeleva
October 2-15, 2022


Embark the stunning new Rotterdam, Holland America's latest flagship, along with Russian lace expert Galina Khmeleva and other knitters on a spectacular journey visiting the best ports in the Baltic. Beat the crowds on this early autumn cruise. Learn new lace-knitting skills, meet local designers along the way, and shop for yarn in every port. The Baltic is our top knitting cruise itinerary because it is a region where so many knitting traditions began.


Hawaii Knitting Cruise (Jan 2023)

17-Day Hawaii Knitting Cruise with Alissa Barton - January 14-31, 2023


Join Alissa Barton on this 17-day Hawaiian knitting cruise visiting the best ports in Hawaii. While at sea, enhance your knitting skills in various knitting classes and share in other fun activities with fellow knitters. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to shop for souvenir yarn, learn new skills, and be energized by all of the things that make Hawaii so magical.


Antarctica Knitting Cruise (Feb 2023)

22-Day South America and Antarctica Knitting Adventure with Lily Chin - February 2-24, 2023


Visit South America and Antarctica aboard Holland America Line's beautiful Oosterdam with knitting expert Lily Chin. The unparalleled beauty of the region, combined with the warm and inviting hospitality of the people and vibrant South American knitting culture, will give you great memories. Along the way, enhance your yarn stash with gorgeous South American yarn. Learn new knitting techniques with expert knitter Lily Chin while onboard. On this knitting adventure, shop for South American yarns, make new friends, learn about alpaca fiber production, and see some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.


Japan Russia and Pacific Crossing (Apr 2023)

28-Day Japan, Russia and North Pacific Crossing Knitting Cruise with Beth Brown-Reinsel - April 10 - May 7, 2023


Join Beth Brown-Reinsel and other knitters on this fabulous 28-day itinerary that makes experiencing the cultural riches of Japan, the vastness of Russia's Far East and the splendors of Alaska easy, rewarding and fun. Knitters will enjoy being pampered onboard Holland America's Westerdam while visiting fascinating places, learning new skills and experiencing Japan with people who share their love of knitting and traveling. On this trip everyone has the choice of taking the 14-day Japan and Russia journey or combining it with the a North Pacific Crossing along the Aleutian Islands to Alaska ending in Seattle. The choice is yours.


Japan and Russia Knitting Cruise (Apr 2023)

14-Day Japan and Russia Knitting Cruise with Beth Brown-Reinsel - April 10-24, 2023


Join Beth Brown-Reinsel and other knitters on this culturally rich 14-day cruise circumnavigating Japan. This cruise is the ideal way to experience the best Japan has to offer and catch a glimpse into the the vastness of Russia with a stop in Vladivostok, the most important commercial port in Russia's Far East. This knitting trip can be enjoyed as a stand-alone 14-day voyage or as a 28-day combination cruise ending in Seattle. No matter which option you choose, we've curated the entire experience with knitters in mind. Join us on this adventure and see for yourself why traveling with Craft Cruises makes travel easy, rewarding and fun.