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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Rotterdam is the largest seaport in world.  A local saying about Rotterdam place in the Netherlands: "Rotterdam earns the money, The Hague distributes it and Amsterdam spends it."

You can see tug boat, barges, and cargo ship unloading in Rotterdam's busy deep water harbor.

Rotterdam is a modern city that was founded in 1340.   While in Rotterdam you can see new age architecture, amazing museums and wonderful side walk cafes, but underneath it all you can see some of the cities history, in the churches, statehouse and the statues.  This is one on the brilliant places to visit while in Europe.


Port Orientation

The main cruise terminal is on Wilhelminakade, across the Erasmus Bridge from the city center. Smaller ships dock closer to downtown along Boompjes, between the Erasmus and Willems bridges.



You could walk around Rotterdam all the attractions are within walking distance from each other.  The only thing is the cruise terminal is approximately 30 minutes from the city center.


There are street and water taxis available. You'll find taxi stands in busy locations throughout the city. You can also call the Rotterdam Taxi Centre at +31 10-262-0496.


There are many options for public transportation.  There are trams, buses and trains all over the city.  You can usually purchase the tickets the ship or from various ticket outlets in the area.


A fun way to see the city is by bike, Rotterdam has set up bike lane for people who choose ride green. You can rent one at the Cycle Shop Central Station (Stationsplein 1, +31 10-412-6220) or Rotterdam ByCycle (+31 10-465-2228,


Car rental is another option you have.  FYI: The parking meters in Rotterdam don't take cash you must purchase a pre-paid chip card, which are available in stores, some of the meters do except credit cards.  For more information visit



There are many museums to see in Rotterdam.  Just remember most museum are closed on Monday's in Rotterdam.


Check out Rotterdam's tallest building, Euromast, for the most breath taking view of the city.


Shopping, shopping, shopping.  Rotterdam is the birthplace of the modern mall.  Come check out international stores as well as local favorites too.


Just walking up and down the street you can see the architecture and curious buildings, the old with the new. 


Rotterdam has so much to see and do.

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