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Jeju (Cheju) City, South Korea

Jeju is one of the most popular tourist designations in Korea, especially with honeymooners and those who wish to relax in a serene place, seemingly far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Though it is not a world famous destination yet, this city, located off the Korean Peninsula, has plenty to see and do, whether from your cruise ship verandah, or taking a walk around the island to explore. With idyllic beaches, plunging costal waterfalls and gorgeous flowers that bloom year-round in the warm climate, Cheju Island will charm it’s way into your must-visit-again book.


From the moment you arrive at Cheju Island, your eyes will be met with a gorgeous contrast of lush green pine forests and magnificent crisp blue waters. Though Jeju city itself has been developed on over the years, creating a modern appearance to an up and coming city, natural beauty still remains at the center of this destination, captivating the hearts of almost every person passing through. For those who enjoy natural beauty, this really is one of the most scenic places in south Korea, and some may even say in the whole of Asia. Rolling green hills surround this 713 square mile province, whilst the warm and humid temperatures entice the gorgeous yellow yuchaehwa flowers to grow, adding an air of grace to the landscape. Listen carefully and you may hear the islands three waterfalls cascading gracefully down the hillsides, almost meeting the sea at the bottom. There is so much peace and serenity on the outskirts of this island, but if you prefer a more upbeat setting, the mainland is a mere hour flight away.


On the island, you’ll find “grandfather” statues that are prehistoric, an extinct volcano and a crater lake, all of which are extremely impressive. Visit the remarkable lava tube, or the caves that are legend among local Jeju Island people. Primary attractions consist of fishing and scuba diving however if you’re not inclined to take to the water to yourself, stay a moment and watch the haenyeo female divers, who work daily to keep this tradition alive, without the aide of modern diving equipment or air tanks. There are other activities that provide enriching learning experiences such as the museums that prove popular with tourists, as well as sculpture gardens that have beguiled many a foreign traveller.


No matter what you choose to do with your time on this alluring island city, Jeju is a divine place to visit and you won’t be disappointed!