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Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia is on an island by the same name in the Adriatic Sea off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.  Its Mediterranean climate is renowned, and Hvar's claim to fame is having more than 2,718 hours of sunshine a year.


Hvar's history is one of multiple invasions over the centuries due to its strategic location. The Greeks pushed out the Illyrians in 384 BC, and the Romans invaded in 219 BCE. Other invaders included the Byzantines and the Kingdom of Croatia (11th century). The Venetians took control of Hvar in 1420 for almost three hundred years, making Hvar a key port on its seafaring routes through the Adriatic. In the 18th century Austria gained control. Croatia became part of Yugoslavia in 1922 and gained its independence in 1991.


Today, Hvar has been "discovered" and is fast becoming a popular vacation point. Yet, it retains its "Riviera of the East" charm. From its picturesque compact harbor, hillsides nestled with pines and olive trees, monasteries and ancient palaces, to its modern restaurants, Hvar welcomes visitors to soak in the sun and inhale the hint of lavender in the air–and simply relax.