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Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipėda is a city full of legends, folklore and traditions. As visitors walk through the Old Town area of this Baltic seaport, traces of history can be seen through the many landmarks, monuments and sculptures. One such sculpture near the Klaipėda Castle is the Black Ghost. This ghostly silhouette looks like it is stepping out of the water. According to legend this ghost came to warn the city's supply of grain and timber were running low and that those who befriended the ghost would be rewarded with riches and fortune.



On the left bank of the River Dana is the Old City with its cobblestone streets, wonderful houses, monuments and museums. Klaipėda is bursting with cafes and history. It is one of the prettiest towns in Lithuania.  This city is fast becoming a popular port on many Baltic cruise itineraries because it has an authentic feel with fewer crowds. Here visitors will find hidden passageways with craft shops, interesting architecture and hidden sculptures. It is a scenic and interesting port that is easy to navigate on foot.  Visitors enjoy mingling with locals who are often outside in the summer knitting, eating and even singing as they enjoy the outdoors on warm summer days.