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Tabuaeran (Fanning Island), Kiribati

Very few cruise ships visit the remote nation of Kiribati.  Officially the Republic of Kiribati is a sovereign state in the central Pacific Ocean also known as Fanning Atoll or Fanning Island. It is also known as Tabuaeran which in the native Polynesian language means "heavenly footprint.”  Fanning Island’s lagoon is fringed by white-sand beaches and protected by a ring-shaped coral atoll.  The stunning blue-green waters and friendly residents, numbering only about 2,500, make this a paradise for those who enjoy snorkeling, surfing and sunning.


This remote location appears in the closing shot of Gilligan's Island. Located near the International Date Line, this is the first place on Earth to bring in the new year.  Kiribati offers visitors a chance to see what the central Pacific was like before the arrival of modern resorts.