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Praia, Ilha de Santiago, Cape Verde

The tidy towns of Praia, along with it’s mountain landscape as a backdrop, make this an attractive place to visit. Though not as green as some might imagine, this capital city makes up for that with it’s vibrant daily lifestyle and mix of cultures that will intrigue and fascinate all. This island is the capital city of Cape Verde and though it suffers from high rates of unemployment and poverty, it is still the main hub for tourism and every year, it hosts one of the worlds most spontaneous Carnival celebrations.


The island of Praia is the largest city in Cape Verde and is also referred to as Principe De Charm which means “price of charm”. The port here ships tropical fruits, coffee and sugar cane, as well as having a fishing industry that supports the local economy. Praia is the commercial hub for Cape Verde and is also the seat of the Principe De Charm municipality. There are four international airports that serve this nation of islands in the Macaronesia Sea and one of them is in Praia.