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Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Shallow lagoons, mossy mountains and glittering harbors await those who travel to Rarotonga. It may seem like every other island but this one is unique. Ngatangiia Harbor is supposedly the place where over 20 canoes began migrating to New Zealand for the first time in 1350. Only 7 made it which is signified by the circle of seven rocks situated in the public park for all to see- now thought of as a monument by those who visit.


This island takes nearly a full day at sea to get to, and another to return but it is worth the time spent on ship, and serves as a nice break from the French Polynesian destinations. When you arrive at this port of call, you’ll be greeted by soft sand beaches circling the outside of the island while the center is a vision of lush green wilderness encompassed in mountain ranges. This place is absolutely beautiful and you won’t regret visiting.