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Dalian, China


Dalian, a city young by Chinese standards, is one of China's largest port located on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula with much to offer cruise passengers. Dalian is a very attractive coastal city boasting wide, tree-lined avenues, endless watersports, and pletny of sightseeing options, modern culture and food. Relax at the beach, visit People's Square, celebrating China's liberation from Russia, Laodong Park, similar to New York's Central Park, the Dalian Polar Aquarium, the world's largest ocean aquarium or the Dalian Farmer's Market where you can catch a glimpse int the lives of local residents. Another popular activity in Dalian is to visit the home of a local family to learn more about Chinese family life.

Ship Location

The ship will dock in Dalian Harbor, which is north of the town center, within walking distance of Dalian's city center.

Getting Around

Travel around Dalian is easy with many different transportation options. Taxis are available outside the cruise terminal but for those who enjoy walking the center of town is only about a ten minute walk.


In 2007, Dalian was named one of three best tourism cities, providing many attractions and appeal for travelers. Visitors will find many things to do during their short stay, such as admiring numerous species of exotic animals at the Dalian Forest Zoo, relaxing on one of the many beaches scattered along the coast, or even exploring Xinghai Square, the largest square in Asia, with plenty of things to see and buy.