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St. John's, Newfoundland, CA


This once quaint island village is now a modern port city that offers excellent dining, shopping, sightseeing, and fishing. Many visitors are impressed with the cleanliness of a city hosting over 100,000 residents! Explore the town's many cultural and historic sites, art galleries, and beautiful gardens, all connected by scenic footpath.

Port Orientation

The ship is docked in the harbor and many attractions are within walking distance from the ship.


While visitors can travel through town on foot, the use of taxis and buses will help navigate the sprawling metro of St. Johns.


There is much to see in this beautiful and clean city! Some of the highlights are the historical sites of Signal Hill and Cape Spear. The natural environment around is stunning in itself and includes scenic hikes, whale watching, and a rugged coastline. The botanical gardens cover 45 hectares of land close to the heart of the city. Everything here is connected by the Grand Concourse, a series of urban and scenic walkways.