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St Anthony, Newfoundland, CA


St Anthony claims the throne to whale watching, icebergs, scenic beauty, and Atlantic seafood. The city is rich with history, cafes, and scenic views. Take a stroll through any number of trails that surround the city or watch icebergs float by the coast.

Port Orientation

The ship will anchor in the harbor and passengers will be ferried to shore.


The northern tip of Newfoundland is famous for its icebergs. Massive icebergs can be seen floating by or in St. Anthonys harbor from late spring to mid summer. The area also boasts the longest whale watching season in North America due to the large capelim feeding grounds. The rugged coast line, lush forest, and blue lakes also make this a great hiking destination. Don’t forget to try some local seafood or partake in the Viking Feast & Dinner Theatre.