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Akureyri, Iceland


"The Capital of North Iceland", or Akureyri, played a key role in history, as a site of Allied units during The Second World War, and was first settled in the 9th century by Norse vikings. The surrounding mountains and ocean made Akureyri an excellent spot for these different people, and today provides visitors and natives alike with fantastic scenery and pleasant climate.

Port Orientation

The ship will be anchored in the harbor and passengers are tendered to shore. The cruise facilities are within walking distance to the towns center.

Getting Around

Akureyri has a great free bus system, for those who prefer to ride instead of walk. Most attractions of the town are within walking distance of each other, so footing it should not be a hinderance.


Although located in a country named "Iceland", Akureyri has an awesome botanical gardens - the most northerly one in the world, even. Catch an exciting Vefarinn folk dance, or walk the Old Town and admire the Icelandic architecture. There are plenty of museums and churches to visit within walking distance of the town center, and even a stunning waterfall or two nearby, just a short walk away on a nice path. Also, visitors can see other gorgeous natural features native to Akureyri such as geysers, fjords, and mud pools. Or, perhaps, a visit to Santa's house, as Iceland really is the North Pole.