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Ny-Alesund, Norway


Ny-Alesund or New Alesund is the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean. The name of this town means "jagged peaks", and the scenery is true to the translation because of the two jagged peaks. One of the world's most rugged and raw environmental outposts. This town, Spitsbergen, is known for northern lights and amazing landscapes.

Ny-Alesund is a small outpost where the cruise line offers no tours. Everyone explores on their own and the locals keep a watchful eye. This is the location for marine and environmental research stations so all scientific devices are closely monitored.


The cruise port itself is near the center of town making it easy to visit this town by foot.


Since history and nature are the two big attractions tourists find little here. Spitsbergen has a few museums if you're interested in the place's history. Svalbard Museum will have all the local history you need and you can learn about the seventeenth century whaling history as well as a showcase of the history of three airships that tried to reach the North Pole from Svalbard. Most just enjoy their surroundings with a cup of coffee from a local coffee booth, eat Norwegian waffles and converse with each other.