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Scrabster, Scotland

Scrabster is the primary port for Scotland's fishing industry and is becoming more popular for cruise ships in the region. This part of northern Scotland consists of rolling hills and offers endless opportunity for activity in the summertime. Here you will find scenery characterized by wild beauty and stunning ancient monuments dating back hundreds of years. This old fishing port offers many opportunities to visit with locals and learn about the cultural heritage of northern Scotland.


Located in an area that links the lands of Orkney, Shetland, Scandinavia and the Faroe Islands Scabster provides access to Scotland's old world heritage and spectacular costal mountains. The area is considered Europe's last great wilderness, its huge skies and natural beauty made the area a favorite for more than 50 years for royalty and tourists alike.

Scabster has been archaeologically preserved so it truly illustrates the culture and heritage of the area. Here you will find an area rich in prehistoric significance that showed how early settlers lived and challenged the elements of this region. The Achavanich Stone Circle, which is a megalithic horseshoe found in the Highlands of Scrabster, is not to be missed. For clan history visit the Clan Gunn.

Thurso, a  small  town located 1 1/2 miles to the south has some one of the "best surfing waves in the world". An unusual place to find a world class surf break "Thurso East" condenses the raw power of Arctic swells rolling into the bay into dark, pitted caverns up to 100m in length.  If you happen to be here while there's a swell running and smooth waters, take a moment to watch some of the locals take on nature in the frigid waters.

Thurso also has historical importance dating back to 1633.  This is the most northernly town in the British mainland and sits up on the coastline overlooking the Orkney Islands.


You could walk off the boat into the fishing town of Scrabster making the port very accessible. The small town of Thurso is only 1 1/2 miles away can be made into a leisurely day walk.  The cruise line and/or town also often arrange for shuttles when possible.  Check onboard for details.


Visit the archaeological sites of Camster Cains, Achavanich Stone Circle, and Old St Peters Church. Learn about clan history at the Clan Cunn, The Macky Country, or the Dunbeath Heritage. Don't miss the Northland Viking Center, the ROyal Castle of Mew, the Flow Country, or the Dunnet Head.