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Rhodes, Greece


Rhodes, Greece is the largest inhabited medieval city in Europe, and is the name of the island as well as the main town. One of Greece's 12 Dodecanese islands, Rhodes lies in the middle of the Aegean, and consists of three different cities: modern, medieval and ancient. In the medieval city, the main attraction for visitors is the famous walled Old Town. Strolling through cobblestone streets, one may find a number of treasures from handmade lace, leather goods, pottery from Lindos and olive wood carved bowls. Or simply take in the beautiful fountains in the square or relax over lunch at a terraced restaurant.

Amidst the large number of modern shops and burger bars selling tourist tat, travelers will discover 1,000 years of history in the form of magnificent palaces, substantial squares and narrow, atmospheric corridors. The Old Town comprises the island's varied history from a splendid medieval thoroughfare to museums to the 14th century hospital of the Knights of St. John.

Port Orientation

Cruise ships dock at the pier to the east of the walled Old Town, and is within easy walking distance to just about everything including shopping, restaurants, and historical sites.


Unless you desire to venture outside Rhodes, everything is accessible by foot. Check at the pier for transportation options.


The Old Town is divided into three districts: the Knights', the Turkish and the Jewish, and encompasses the island's entire varied history. Through St Catherine's Gate you will find the Avenue of the Knights, an impressive medieval passageway where the 14th-century Palace of the Grand Masters, now a museum, can be found. Located in this area is the hospital of the Knights of St. John, which is now the archeological museum. Also worth visiting is the Museum of Decorative Arts, the 16th-century Mosque of Suleyman which is easy to locate with its pink dome, and the Byzantine Museum, which is located in an 11th-century church. Lindos, now a National Historic Monument, boasts an acropolis that sits 116 meters above sea level and houses a beautiful 18th century frescoes located in the Church of Agia Pasnagia. Walking up the steps to the acropolis or hiring a donkey to take you partway up will afford you one of the best views in Greece and a chance to explore the Temple of Athena.

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