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Piraeus (Athens) Greece


The Port of Piraeus dates back more than 2500 years where ships loaded with traders, goods, and pilgrims would dock. Piraeus is the largest port in Greece, third in the world for passenger traffic, and is the gateway to many historic sites. Greek ferries depart from one of the three harbors at the Port of Piraeus to all the islands of Greece. Around the port you will find the commercial center of Piraeus which is approximately seven miles from Athens. This great city spent a decade preparing to host the summer Olympics in 2004 which involved massive upgrades, repairs and refurbishments to buildings, roads, subways, trains including some of the classic hotels and cafes. Even with all the upgrades, Athens has been able to retain its ancient heritage, hold onto classic treasures, and keep the arts and crafts scene flourishing.

Athens has long been known for the early era referred to as the golden age and its role as the seat of the world's art, history and culture. In its preparation for the Olympics, Athens repaired and refurbished monuments such as the Acropolis, Parthenon, and the temple of Athena Nike among others. Arguably the most beautiful and fascinating city in the world, Athens has managed to portray a sense of soul after being transformed into a modern city.

Port Orientation

Cruise ships dock at one of the three horrors in the Port of Piraeus, which is an easy walk into Piraeus. The second of the two harbors accommodate ferries and hydrofoils and the third houses yachts. The port is located in the center of Piraeus which offers plenty of diversions, from shops and boutiques to cafes and taverns


At the port terminal you will find information on mass transit as well as taxi fares. The best way to get to Athens is either a 20 minute walk or a short tax ride to the train station.


Piraeus offers some open air market shopping, but most most of the sightseeing and entertainment opportunities are in Athens. Plaka, one of the oldest parts of Athens. is lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops offering antiques, custom designed furniture and contemporary products commonly found elsewhere. Not to be missed are Athens' ancient treasures such as The Acropolis, Agora Market, Constitution Square, Hadrian's Arch, the Olympic Stadium as well as the many other various museums. Corinth is 55 miles out of Athens and offers an opportunity to explore this ancient city. Other places of interest outside of Athens include the Temple of Poseidon and Astir Beach.

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