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Alesund, Norway


Colorful, Jugend-style architecture captures the eyes of cruise-goers as they enter the country through magnificent fjords and icy blue waters. As the most important fishing port in Norway, Alesund is an area with a long history and intriguing stories from past inhabitants. A fire once swept through the town center, destroying over 800 wooden buildings. Immediately following, Kaiser Wilhelm II sent help to the city, and was then rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style that characterizes Alesund today. As a renewed city, Alesund is a beautiful destination for adventure and sight-seeing.

Visitors will be rewarded with a walk up the 418 steps to the top of Mount Aksla which is high above the city center. For those not wishing to walk the steps, there are tours which will drive visitors up to the top where there is a beautiful view of the town and skerries as well as the Sunnmore Mountains. The Geiranger fjord is well worth seeing as it is one of the most visited sites in Norway and boasts the famous Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil waterfalls.

Ship Location

Ships dock right by the town center, making the town center very accessible for travelers to get to. However, many of the streets are fairly steep and should be taken into consideration when deciding on modes of transportation.

Getting Around

Alesund is easily accessible by bus, car, or foot. There are multiple guided walks, bus and ferry tours to explore the downtown or the surrounding islands and fjords.


The Atlantic Sea Park in Sunnmore is one of the largest salt-water aquariums in Scandinavia, if that is of your fancy. The Krakenes Fyr lighthouse and the Selje Monastery are both buildings that are sure to please the eye, as they are both very old and full of mind-boggling history and stories to tell. And, of course, the scenery of Norway is always a given. A day trip to Geiorangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is rated the best preserved in the world, is punctuated by a fascinating roundtrip via bus and ferry. A must see is Mount Aksla high above the city with panoramic views of the town and skerries.

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