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Belfast, Northern Ireland


Belfast Northern Ireland is the most modern cosmopolitan city in Ireland. It is now a safe and interesting place to visit. Political unrest has subsided and it is now considered safer than many cities throughout Europe. It is an elegant place with English influence and Irish charm. It is a trendy and fun place to be with great shopping, dining and sightseeing options. The city is compact and easy to get around on foot. Belfast is the birthplace of the Titanic with fascinating museums, historic buildings, parks, gardens and art galleries.

Port Orientation
The ship docks close to downtown and is only a couple miles away. Depending on the berth location the distance is about two miles.

You can easily get into town via taxi or shuttle. The shuttles are usually free and operate regularly. Taxis can be comparatively expensive but are plentiful. It is only about two miles to city center and once downtown you can easily walk or use the public transit system where all day passes make it affordable.

Shop for yarn or visit the countryside. Belfast is the gateway to the Northern Ireland's countryside and picturesque seaside towns abound. Carrickfergus is only 12 miles away and contains beautiful 18th-century architecture and an 800-year-old castle. A must see attraction is even closer to town, Belfast Castle. Here you will find a collection of towers and battlements. It is positioned 400 feet above sea level with excellent views.

Among other place of interest include the Folk Museum, Belfast Cathedral, Botanical Gardens, Belfast Zoo and the Mount Steward House and Gardens. Internet Cafe's and Irish Pubs abound here so you can keep in touch and sit down for a cold beer or cup of coffee anytime you need to take a break.

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