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Singapore, Singapore

Singapore has been dedicated to preserving culture and within the 21st century it has a number of museums and ethnically distinct neighborhoods. Chinatown and Little India still retain some of their cultural relevance for Singaporeans while attracting foreign visitors who dwell on the thriving cultures. The streets are lined with Taoist temples, Muslim mosques, and Christian churches. All these religions coexist peaceably side by side. Singapore has quite the combination of Western-style of development and Eastern-style order which perfectly coexists together to create a place where the greatest of both hemispheres coincide. Singapore is the most wired country in the region due to it's longing of becoming the prime technology destination of Asia. 


The city of Singapore is fantastically sophisticated. It is nearly crime free and is famous for it's co-mingling of religions, it is sophisticated from both the technology perspective and the culture/people perspective. The mainland of Singapore (because it is an island) is 42 kilometers east to west and 23 kilometers north to south. The city itself was given a modern design specifically aimed at decreasing the feeling of congestion and over population. Singapore is the most sterile city in the world and with manmade bridges connecting the north to Malaysia and nearly 600 surrounding islands of Indonesia, Singapore is a highly diverse city and is thriving within the new world.