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Plan Your Own Cruise

Are you a business owner, guild member, designer or instructor who is interested in organizing a customized Craft Cruise of your own? Does cruising for free with your favorite instructors and friends appeal to you? If so, then please consider the following and contact us to start planning today.

Cruise Lines

Although Craft Cruises™ works with all major cruise lines, Holland America Line (HAL) is our cruise line of choice for special interest groups. Not only are their services onboard unbeatable but their group department's attention to detail is unmatched. In addition, Craft Cruises™ and Holland America line have been working together for years making communication simple.

Another benefit of HAL is that upfront deposits are not required to hold group space, making it easier and less costly to promote group cruises. If you are interested in larger scale groups or alternate cruise lines please contact us for details.

Choosing Cities

Visit Holland America’s future cruise site Early Addition to select from numerous cruise destinations for your group’s cruise. Planning at least a year in advance is preferred to ensure access to cabin selection as well as to guarantee use of the onboard classrooms for the group. Planning early also gives more time to organize and market the cruise. We have generally found the most sought after instructors have planned their teaching calendars anywhere from 1-3 years in advance and many people, especially those wanting to utilize frequent flyer miles for their flights, are planning their vacations at least a year in advance.

Please choose three different departure dates to submit for approval. As there are often competing groups onboard, having second and third choices up front will speed up the time to confirm the group with the cruise line’s group department.

Please consider choosing a destination that is best suited for places of interest in port related to your particular craft. For example, there are few yarn shops in the Caribbean making it less than ideal for knitting groups. Another consideration is the number of days at sea. Generally speaking you can have six hours of onboard classes for each day at sea. Port days are not suitable for onboard classes since most participants want to shop, meet the locals and sight-see while in port.

HAL Early Edition

Group Size

Being realistic in terms of budgeting is an important factor in the success of your group. Generally speaking, for a group to be successful, the target group size is approximately 30 participants. A group of this size generally generates enough revenue to cover the expenses of two instructors and one professional escort. Ideally the person putting the group together is the professional escort but is not a requirement.

Services provided by Craft Cruises™

Whether group is small or large Craft Cruises™ is extremely proficient in handling all facets of the travel arrangements. Depending on the group and the destination, a Craft Cruise escort will be on-sight to oversee all onboard arrangements, allowing you to enjoy your guests and the destination.

Typically the types of arrangements we handle for your group include the following:

  • Negotiate special group rates (10 passengers or more)
  • Provide ground transportation
  • Negotiate group hotel rates
  • Arrange onboard meeting rooms and banquet facilities
  • Plan private breakfast, lunch and dinner functions
  • Arrange touring and sightseeing activities
  • Organize daily activities
  • Website and free web marketing of your group
  • Craft Cruise professional escort for groups exceeding 60 or more passengers

To request More Information on Creating your own Craft Cruise please provide the following:

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